Guild FAQs

 What is a "GUILD"

The Webster's Dictionary defines a guild as "an association of people with similar interest or pursuits." Amoskeag Quilters Guild is just that, an association of people interested in the art of quilting. 

 Do you sit around a frame and quilt at your meetings?

No, at our meetings we host speakers, have mini-workshops, have show 'n tell, develop friendships and through those friendships, expand our horizons. 

 Do I need to know how to quilt to join the guild?

For membership, we require only an interest in quilting. You will learn about quilting, but do not expect a classroom experience. To learn how to quilt: ask a quilting friend to teach you, or sign up for a beginner quilting class at a local quilt shop.

 Can anyone join the guild?

Yes! We accept new memberships throughout the year. We do not have a membership cap; the more the merrier!   Everyone is welcome to attend our general guild meetings whether or not they know any of our guild members. And, you don't need to have a special invitation in order to come. 

For membership form, visit the Meetings/Membership area. 

 What are the particulars?

On the third Thursday of September through May, doors open at 6:30 pm to give members a chance to visit the committee's tables.
The meeting is 7 pm  to 9 pm.  
There is a break half way through the meeting to grab a snack.  Annual dues are $35. 

 I can't make the group meeting every month. Can I still be a member?

Absolutely! We have members who winter in the more temperate, southern climes. To keep in touch with the guild, we have our monthly Newsletter and this website. Members are granted access rights to the Members Only area of the website which has more guild specific details. 

 Weather Cancellations

             Can be found at one of the following websites: 

       The radio stations will not announce our cancellations over the air. You will need to check the website(s).