Community Service

A Quilted Gift

Throughout the year, A Quilted Gift committee has various activities to support our local charities. We are continuing our policy of no fabric donations at this time as we are still bursting at the seams.

We will be delivering quilts this week between Elliot Hospital services, Child and Family Services and Liberty House. That brings our total to 135 quilts donated so far this membership year!

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Raffle Quilt

One method we use to give back to the community is to create a quilt as a guild and then raffle it with the entire proceeds going to our designated charity. Every other membership year, the guild votes upon which charity will be the recipient of our group efforts and then creates a quilt and spends a year in efforts to raffle it off.

Check out the "Tomorrow's Heirlooms" Quilt Show page for more information.

NE Quilt Museum

We are proud to sponsor the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, MA. Our guild has a special fund drive in March and donates the proceeds towards the cause of supporting and maintaining a regional area resource that is the museum.